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The Science Project

Why Experiment? - The science fair project will help you understand how scientists solve problems. For a scientist investigation and discovery are the most import part of their job. The only way for a scientist to investigate and discover something is to experiment and observe the outcomes.

Why Report? - Reporting your findings is the only way to teach others about what you have discovered. Reports can be in many forms written paper reports, posters, pictures, models, and even show-and-tell at school.

What topics can you use? - You can use almost any topic as long as it is a natural phenomenon and can be safely investigated. Basically if you can ask a question about something you should be able to investigate it. When picking a topic pick something that interests you. You will use the scientific method to investigate your topic.

The Scientific Method Simplified 5 Step version

  1. Problem/Purpose - What is the scientific question you are trying to answer?
  2. Hypothesis - Make an educated prediction regarding the outcome of your experiment.
  3. Procedure/Research - Explain how you will conduct your experiment to test your hypothesis, what materials you will use as well as any information you gathered from the library, teachers, or other resources.
  4. Experiment/Analysis - Conduct your experiment and explain any findings or observations you make.
  5. Conclusion - This is the answer to your problem/purpose and proof or disproof of your hypothesis.
The full scientific method explained in more detail may be found at ISEF site located here.

Local Judging Rubric
  • Creative Ability: thought, study, planning, originality 30 pts.
  • Scientific Thought: purpose, accurate & valid experiments, scientific method 30 pts.
  • Skill: craftsmanship, accuracy, verifiable facts, research component 15 pts.
  • Clarity: neat, attractive, understandable, logical sequence, organization 15 pts.
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