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Local Science Fair Rules

The following guidelines can be used to identify acceptable projects for entry in the Northern Arizona Regional K-8 Science Fair 2009. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any project that is potentially dangerous, plagiarized, or unethical in any nature. There are many internet sites that will provide detailed guidelines and rules for science fair projects. For answers to specific questions about the eligibility of a project, contact Tri-city College Prep High School (928) 777-0403 or email sciencefair@tricityprep.org.

  1. We will not accept projects from any student who is not currently in K-8 grade levels.
  2. Document and give credit to all sources. This includes printed material, computer programs, internet sources, and interviews.
  3. Experiments using human subjects must be ethical, safe and must have written consent of the person/s involved. No endangerment will be permitted.
  4. Experiments using animal subjects must be ethical and safe and cannot illegally use or involve endangered species. Any animal tissue used must come from a recognized biological supplier. No animal sacrifice or endangerment will be permitted.
  5. Project displays may not include any of the following:
    • Living or dead animals or animal parts
    • Chemicals that are: carcinogenic, toxic, poisonous, highly acidic, explosive, or flammable
    • Items that have strong odors
    • Pharmaceutical or illegal substances
    • Any substance not allowed on a school campus including weapons and Cigarettes.
    • Hazardous substances
    • Bacterial or viral components
    • Exposed electrical wiring
    • Wet cells containing acid
    • X-ray, laser pointers or microwaves
  6. Photographic documentation of experiments is highly recommended.
  7. Projects may not exceed 48" in width, 108" in height and 30" in depth when set up for display.
This is not an exhaustive list of rules. Please use good judgment and contact us if you have further questions.

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