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Clubs & Honor Societies Meeting Days


Tri-City College Prep offers a wide range of activities. The activities range from clubs, to sports and honors classes. Our clubs meet various times through the week sometimes during lunch, after school and/or other announced times. All meeting times are usually announced during lunch or just before. Our sport teams meet during their season usually after school and/or Fridays.

Science Honors – Dr. Sampson Meets every other Monday 1st Hour
Environmental Studies – Mrs. Muchna Meets every other Monday 1st Hour
Tri-M Music Honor Society - Mrs. T Meets Monday at Lunch
Upward Bound – Michael Opitz Meets Monday at Lunch, Once a Month
Art Honors Society – Mr. Terauchi Meets Monday at Lunch
Pep Club – Ms. Tiffany & Ms. Kauffman Meets Monday at Lunch & 7th Hour Alternating
Glee Club – Ms. Kauffman Meets Monday 7th Hour (1st & 3rd Mon.)
Game Gaggle – Ms. Mezeske Meets Tuesday 7th Hour
Math Honors – Ms. Mezeske Meets Tuesday 1st Hour
Photography Club – Mr. Halvorson/Mrs. Halvorson Meets Tuesday 1st Hour
Junior Lions – Mr. Batzli Meets Tuesday at Lunch
Envirothon – Mrs. Muchna Meets Tuesday at Lunch
Denobis – Ms. Kauffman Meets Tuesday 7th Hour
Student Council – Mrs. Milliken Meets Wednesday 1st Hour
PAL – Mr. Marman Meets Wednesday 1st Hour
Robotics – Mr. Terauchi Meets Wednesday 1st Hour
Bible Club – Ms. Michaelson Meets Wednesday at Lunch
National English Honor Society – Mrs. Halvorson Meets Wednesday at Lunch (2nd & 4th Wed.)
Mu Alpha Theta – Mrs. Winters Meets Wednesday at Lunch (1st & 3rd Wed.)
College Bowl – Mr. Bronson Meets Wednesday 7th Hour
Drama/Improv Club – Mrs. Milliken Meets Wednesday 7th Hour
National Honor Society – Ms. Mezeske Meets Thursday at Lunch (1st & 3rd Thur.)
Green Team – Mrs. Muchna Meets Thursday at Lunch (2nd & 4th Thur.)
GSA – Ms. Mezeske Meets Thursday 7th Hour
Mock Trial/Forensics – Dr. Halvorson Club Times Vary (Thurs., Fri. and Sat.)

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