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Be part of one of Arizona's top leading schools.

Tri-city College Prep. High School is one of the top ranked to schools in Arizona

If you would like to be a part of this amazing school and prepare yourself for college you need to drop off your registration packet beginning at 7:00am on Thursday, August 31st for students who are currently in the 8th grade. We have capped our enrollment and the waiting list grows rapidly so get your registration form in as quickly as possible.

All incoming freshman are accpeted via a lottery system. See the lottery system below for more information.

Required Documents:
  • Don't forget to have your child's birth certificate and immunization records ready with their registration form when you bring them in.

  • Transferring students, in addition to records listed above, will need to include their former high school transcripts in order to get credit for courses already taken.

  • .Failure to include all required documents may result in you child's registration not be accepted as complete and delaying your child's registration.
* We cannot hold a spot open for your child. *

How to Register:
1. Fill out the registration form in its entirety.
To get the registration form click the links above. The form is available in .pdf (Acrobat). If you don't have Acrobat reader yet you may download it free of charge, see our downloads page.

2. Attach a copy of your child's birth certificate and Immunization records to their registration form.

3. If your student is transferring from another high school you need to also attach your child's official transcripts from that school so they may receive credit for the courses they already have taken.

4. Read the student policy handbook and turn in the signature page.

* First Lottery Drawing: Sept. 28, 2017

Lottery System

TCP’s overall school capacity is based upon the school’s charter set by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. TCP enrollment is based upon a lottery system then waiting lists (based on the date and time the registration form was received) once capacity is reached. Eligibility for enrollment is not based upon academic ability, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, income level, disability, English proficiency or athletic ability. Capacity for each program, class and grade level is reviewed on an annual basis based on enrollment projections and therefor capacity in certain areas may be reached before overall capacity is reached.

Freshman registration will be accepted starting at 7:00am on Thursday, August 31st, of a student’s 8th grade year. Up to 3 lottery drawings will be held for 9th grade enrollment. Enrollment for 10th-12th comes from a waiting list for those grades. When an opening occurs, a group of students from that grade level waiting list is called. The first to respond, that needs the classes in which there is space, is accepted.

Siblings of currently enrolled students and children and grandchildren of staff and Board Members can receive automatic enrollment if registration is received before the first lottery drawing. After this time, siblings may be treated like any other new registrant.

For the special education program, the 1:5 instructor to student ratio will be applied so that the instructor will be providing services to no more than 5 students in any given period of the school day. For enrollment purposes, no new registrations will be considered for special education programs once resource programs contain 4 students for every one resource teacher during any given hour of the school day. Capacity will be set at these levels to ensure that adequate programming capacity is reserved for current TCP students who may be located, identified, and made eligible for these programs.

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