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College Dual Enrollment Courses

Short Title Department Credit Honors/Regular
ART303-College 3D Design Fine Arts 0.5 H
CTE300-Intro to Networking Tech Electives 0.5 H
CTE310-A+ Computer Tech Cert Electives 1.0 H
CTE315-Network + Cert Electives 1.0 H
CTE320-Intro to Windows Server Electives 0.5 H
ENG313-College Modern Rhetoric English 0.5 H
ENG314-College Intro to Literature English 0.5 H
FA304-College Drama Fine Arts 0.5 H
HUM301-College Religions of the World Electives 0.5 H
HUM302-College Anthropology Electives 0.5 H
HUM303-College Introductory Psychology Electives 0.5 H
MA309-College Elem Functions Math 0.5 H
MA310-College Algebra Math 0.5 H
MUS305-College Intro to Music Lit Fine Arts 0.5 H
SCI303-College Biology A Science 0.5 H
SCI304-College Biology B Science 0.5 H
SCI311-College Environmental Biology Science 0.5 H
SS307-College US Hist to 1865 Social Studies 0.5 H
SS308-College US Hist Since 1865 Social Studies 0.5 H
*Please note credits listed here are for high school credit. Students will also receive   3-4 credit hours from a University or College based on the class taken.
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