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Tri-City College Prep Wi-Fi

The school Wi-Fi is provided for educational use only and is a secured network. You must follow all user agreements when on the school network or school devices at all time.

Connecting to the School Wi-Fi

To connect to the school’s wireless network you must have an account that has been created prior to logging in. Each computer may be different but the general instruction for connecting is to look for your wireless network icon on your computer. In Windows this will be by the clock (lower right) Mac users it will often be the top right. Tablet and mobile devices look under your network settings. The wireless network icon often looks similar to this:

Wireless Icon on a Windows computer

Connect to wireless networks using the correct method for your specific device and choose the wireless network that applies to you.

  • Students will connect to the wireless network called: tricityprep
  • Staff will connect to TCP_Staff
  • Guests may use the TCP_Guest Wi-Fi but they need to get their device approved through the IT department in order to access the internet.
Connect to a network and enter your username and password.

Once you select the correct network such as tricityprep (for students) you will be asked for your username and password. Enter the school username/password assigned to you and if prompt accept the wireless network certificate.

Personal Devices on the School Network

Currently we allow BYOD (bring your one device) at the school but most people will have connection issues with any device that is not fully managed by Tri-City Prep. In order to get your device to work properly on the internet you must install/trust our certificate. You may download it from our laptop-program page under the support section. See the sections below on installing