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TCP is a school dedicated to keeping standards high and helping students reach them. Education is one of the most important skills needed in today’s society; therefore, we have centralized everything we do around preparing students for college and life. We have highly qualified teachers and staff that are equipped to help any student who has the motivation and ambition to tackle the challenge.

Due to our staff’s hard work and the diligence of our students, TCP has earned a reputation of being one of the top schools in Arizona and the Nation.

In accordance with HB2025, visits, tours, and observations of all classrooms by parents/guardians of enrolled students and parents/guardians who wish to enroll their student are allowed but must be made at least 24 hours in advance with the administration. All visitors must sign in at the front office at their scheduled time and receive a visitor’s pass to be visibly displayed while on the campus.

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Average Teacher Salary Information

Year:                                              Previous         Current

             Average Base Salary*                  $48,735             $54,857            
Year-over-Year Increase               $6,122             11.1%**

* Does not include 301 or other employee related expenses
** To calculate percentage change: subtract the previous average from the current value. Then divide the answer by the previous average.