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Tri-City College Prep High School & College Dual Enrollment Courses

Tri-City College Prep High School offers college prep courses, honors courses and college courses.

College courses - TCP offers college courses on the Tri-City College Prep campus. Students who take these courses not only receive honors credit for high school but they also receive college credit and can get a transcript straight from the college the course is offered through. This transcript can be transferred to any other university or college. College courses are offered on the Tri-City College Prep campus during the normal school day for a fraction of the cost of taking a college class on a university campus. Because these college courses are actually college courses taught by college professors they run the same speed and difficulty as any college level class.

College Prep courses - Our high school courses are college prep courses and are structured as such. This means that most students may not be accustom to the difficulty, speed, or amount of material covered.

Honors courses - Most of our courses can be take as either honors or college prep. Students who wish to take a class for honors credit will cover the same material as the regular college prep course and in addition will meet the requirements for honors credit at TCP.