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Employment at Tri-City College Prep

Join our highly skilled team of educators.

Completed applications can be emailed to Tamela Halvorson thalvorson@tricityprep.org or in person at our office

Tri-City College Prep hires teachers and staff who are professional, ethical, cooperative and who see education as a process of raising students’ aspirations for what they can become.

Tri-city College Prep is a school dedicated to keeping standards high and helping students reach them and because of that we hold our teachers and staff to high standards. Our administrators work side by side with teachers and often teach classes of their own. This allows our administration to have a better understanding of how to run the school in a way that works for the teachers and students.

We have centralized everything we do around preparing students for college and career, and we hire teachers who can help us achieve this goal. We appreciate the interest of any teacher who has the ability to teach college level classes, but it is not a requirement in order to work here.

Our staff and students work hard at keeping Tri-city College Prep, known as one of the top schools in Arizona. We will expect the same diligence and perseverance in all our new employees.

Tri-City College Prep employees are an integral component to our school community. The TCP community includes everything from extra-curricular activities to advising students and faculty in ways that help us all reach our full potential. Tri-City College Prep is more than just a team of educators and students; we work together as a family to accomplish high goals and succeed when as an individual we could not.

We will conduct background checks on applicants and require anyone who works at TCP to have a fingerprint clearance card from the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

If you would like to inquire about working for TCP, please contact Tamela Halvorson at 928-777-0403 or thalvorson@tricityprep.org and consider filling out an application (above). Our office is open, Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 4pm August-May.