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 Tri-City College Prep Tablet Computer Program

Starting with a generous donation and continuing through grants and school level funding,  Tri-City College Prep has a one to one tablet computer program for every student on our campus. High School students are issued one to keep and take home as long as they are enrolled in the school where our middle school students are issued one to stay in the classroom unless otherwise assigned. We are using the Microsoft Surface tablets and the Lenovo Yoga 11e tablets with Microsoft Office 365. These combined technologies have some great opportunities in the classroom environment and they help prepare students for college and the business world. The tablet comes preloaded with Microsoft Office and Office 365 allows student to install Microsoft Office on their home computers or laptops. Office 365 also gives students cloud based resources including a school email account, storage, and the ability to share and work on projects together over an internet connection with their tablets.

Free software provided to students:
Microsoft Office 
Polarr Photo Editor

Handbook and Agreements
Student Tablet Handbook
Student Tablet Loan Agreement

Support Information
Connecting to the School WiFi
Website Certificate
Microsoft Office 365 Portal